<> Mydaddy’s Place  Audience Reviews 
                                                       The Space Theatre

                                                        Los Angeles, CA

                                              January 22 thru January 31 2010

  <>It was my pleasure EP, thought it was a fun play.  The acting was great, and My Daddy was totally in control.  Have a wonderful tour with your One Woman Show.  God's love and blessings, Ernie King  <>

I had a blast on Sat eve. Your performance was absolutely spectacular!  Barry Adler

I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! I REALLY HAD A GOOD TIME! The dialog flowed, the actors were on their game, you had an original song. Not to mention you had the audience eating out of your hand!  You've got a TV mini series here, or a motion picture....(develop the characters further...shots of how the guy got blinded in the bomb, the thug guy and what he is like. Or baby you can just take this puppy on the road! You are really working with something and if it wasn't so, I wouldn't say it! Now this is called Show Business I LOVE OUR CRAFT! Sweet Dreams and I fully expect to see you on Broadway, (if you haven't already been? )Night and Great Job Again!  (I'm going to be talking about your show all week!).   Cecil Harper

   <>"I had a wonderful time....:)" Donald Welch  <>

Great performance last night! Good luck tonight and tomorrow.  "Saw it last night -- what a great show!  To those of you who haven't seen it yet:  Only 2 days left -- get your tickets now!"   Dr.Bradley Bobbs

Hi EP,  Congradulations ................on your play.   I enjoyed the story very much, and what a nice surprise to see you,very amusing. It's interesting to see another side of a personality that you only knew in the social sector.  You amaze me and I applaud your adventure and talent for taking a leap of faith in this production.  Thank you for that.  If you decide to run this show again I'd like a shot at directing it.  It's amazing you all did so well in that small space.  Best of luck in the traveling of your one woman show I hope I can see it somewhere.  God bless you, Justine Visone

<>Ep: God bless you my dear..Never a problem.So happy that I could come out <>and lend my support.I enjoyed the play and the performances of the actors immensly.Continue the good work and Break legs on tour of your one woman   <>show...Be blessed,Stay blessed...Sincerely,  Micheal  L.Nesbitt  <>  <>

EP: We enjoyed ourselves immensely on Sunday eve at the play.  Carol said to convey to you that it was so much fun and was in awe at your writing, producing, directing and acting. I cried and laughed and was in awe at the charm and the wisdom, and loved the happy ending.  You were extraordinary at portraying the character of My Daddy!  I was especially moved by your depth in writing and your ability to translate this to the stage with emotions so effectively for each character. Thank you for inviting us.  Shirley and Al had a wonderful time.  all of us have talked about the play Monday night at our Ruhi class and Carol and I on the phone. This play should definitely continue on and will build an audience just from other's talking about it.  Maybe you could invite some critics and the press so as to get reviews.  Carol mentioned she saw a review online which mentioned it was like a Madea Play.                                          Judy and Hank Kulp
<>Verna Aldridge Brown commented on your link:” That is great!!!  It's an excellent play. " :"I Loved the show...I'm so glad I was able to make it to LA.  I thank God everything went as planned.  EP you and the cast were great. Now I'm home getting ready for the Grizzlies Gala tonight.    "

Marvin Gay commented on your status:” Great show, EP!   Beautiful story and excellent cast.  BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!!   See it folks!  Live theatre at its most intimate. Non-traditional casting was outstanding! Kudos to ALL!"                                                                                                                 Marvin Gay

<>Johnny Cox commented on your status:” Excellent work EP. Loved the play... FB friends if u attend u want be disappointed...", EP, just want to report that I really did enjoy your production. You were correct; I wanted to laugh, cry and pray. Excellent work. Let it all be for glory of God.   <>

Jack Davison commented on your wall post: "EP, We had such a good time. I'm very impressed with how hard you work at your craft. I'm quite sure you are an inspiration to many. I wish I had one tenth of your ambition. To write, direct and act all at the same time shows quite a commitment. Thanks so much for sharing. We will be more than happy to go to your next event. XOXOXO"

<>Jo Sei Ikeda...Wow!  When you give you get.  I was asked by a couple friends how the opening night went.  When I told them we had a bit of a challenge the response was.  Well writing was so good that is why no matter that the actor who could not make the show and his part had to be on book. It would not take away from the play because the writing was so good.  Wow again!  I thought it was amazing comments. Having just made the same observation to you last night.  Again I am happy to be doing good work. These comments we made by friends who attended the reading last year.  They will be out to see the play   <>Congrads!

<>“MyDaddy’s Place” a mesmerizing journey into the life and times of a family, it celebrates life while sharing the ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and achieve life’s callings with undaunted faith, belief in oneself and achieving life’s goal. Written and directed by E.P. McKnight, it runs January 22 thru January 31 at The Space Theatre in Los Angeles  Beverly Hills Directory by Sid Fish.

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